The easiest way to reduce your energy bills and increase your property value is to install energy-efficient lighting. CleanLight helps clients with a vast number of commercial property types, including warehouses, office buildings, and shopping centers. Through our implementation of environmentally friendly lighting solutions, we are able to deliver fast ROIs while striving to exceed our energy-efficient standards.

Leveraging our proven expertise in comprehensive facility energy evaluations, extensive knowledge of rebate programs and tax incentives, direct access to the latest innovations in lighting technology and a vast network of skilled, professional electrical contractors, we’ve helped clients with commercial facilities–including event centers, warehouses, gyms, parking lots, office buildings and shopping centers–implement environmentally friendly, energy-efficient lighting solutions that deliver a fast ROI.

Companies are becoming more aware of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification—a third party verification program and a national benchmark for the green design, construction and operation of new and existing buildings. We can identify specific products that will help your company maximize LEED credits.