Title 24 – Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Nonresidential Buildings

What is Title 24?
The Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Nonresidential Buildings were established in 1978 in response to a legislative mandate to reduce California’s energy consumption. The standards are updated periodically to allow consideration and possible incorporation of new energy efficiency technologies and methods.

Title 24 is a government-backed program helping businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency. Efficient Lighting is proud to support the efforts of Title 24.

The look of Title 24 lighting has evolved into decorative lighting fixtures that reduce operating costs. By selecting Title 24 lighting fixtures and light bulbs, you will be working toward reducing your energy bills and significantly helping to protect our environment. Our goal is to provide you with decorative, safe and easy-installation residential lighting fixtures that looks great and saves energy.

Title 24 Impact
– Use ENERGY STAR as the quality solution
– ENERGY STAR qualified fixtures must meet quality and performance requirements in addition to efficacy
– ENERGY STAR fixtures are readily available and identifiable
– Helps builders identify quality fixtures that meet Title 24
– Title 24 will help spur the market for ENERGY STAR fixtures in California.